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Viv Grant
Location:South West England, Taunton, Bristol & London, W1A. Life coaching in Corporate workplace settings - for professionals in Creative Sector, Broadcast Media, Academics and Lecturers in HE and FE. Personal face to face life coaching in Taunton, Somerset.
Profile:As a coach, my aim is to support clients through life/work/relationship transitions. This can be in a corporate setting where job roles are becoming more fluid & collaboration with colleagues more critical. Being innovative & adaptable are increasing pre-requisites to working in 21st century organizations. Whether in a corporate or personal coaching context, a majority of my clients work towards greater self-awareness. Such re-invention can mean actively re-shaping an understanding of one’s professionalism, job roles or career. In a personal context it can mean drawing upon courage to engage in a deeper experience of who they are in the world. Sustainable wellbeing, creative development and re-inventing organizations are at the heart of my coaching and Professional development workshops.
Services:Workplace coaching includes: managing powerful emotions at work, career development, Mindfulness at work, workplace bullying, improved collaboration and professional identity. National Trust supported Corporate coaching walks for Wellbeing on the Quantock Hills, Somerset. Clients engaged in personal coaching have explored values, belief systems, spiritual awakening, creative blocks, mid-life transition, SME business development, managing the effects of menopause. I enable clients to re-connect to their unexpressed talents and make them visible & active. Clients: Broadcast Editors, Senior Academics, Lecturers in FE, CEO's of SME's Professional Musicians, Photographers & Dancers, Visual Artists and NHS staff.
Categories:Career Transition Coaching, Personal Coaching
Level:Associate Member